May. 14th, 2010 07:09 am
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My internet is down at the moment (BT! GRAWR!) so I won't be able to get online very often. Hopefully I'll be able to persuade my mam to let me come home this weekend and stay for a bit, but I'm not sure if I can stand the nagging ;).

At least the computer base at the library has a 24/7 access point, I suppose.

Anyhoo, if I'm slow doing ... anything ... you know why.

Oh - and to those dropping hints about Silver Service: I'm trying! Those boys just won't be my friends. I'd get my whip out, but I doubt they'd even enjoy that! Grrrrrr.
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I dunno if anyone outside of the UK really heard what an absolute shambles this election was.

Thousands of people - myself included - didn't get to vote because the registers weren't updated, the queues were too long and the stations understaffed or the stations ran out of ballot papers. To be turned away and told you cannot vote because of the professional unpreparedness of the event is shocking.

How can this be a democracy if you can be told you're not allowed to cast your vote? So your station has run out of ballot papers? Well, it's not like you can go to another polling station! You're registered at one, and can only vote there. If the queue takes you out past 10pm, your polling station's register isn't updated or the ballot papers run out you can't go somewhere else and do it.

And I'm not talking about this happening at just one polling station. It was up and down the nation.

Thousands of votes weren't cast, so thousands of votes have not been counted.

Hopefully, with the result of a hung parliament, we will get electoral reform (the party with the most votes actually winning the election? OUTRAGEOUS!) in time for when they dissolve and call another election - because if this is a democracy, that is what has to be done in the interest of fairness and democracy itself.

In other news, the BNP and UKIP still hold zero seats and are 100% powerless, if not obnoxiously loud and rather annoying. Jimmy Carr's assessment of Nick Griffin and the BNP on last night's Alternative Election couldn't have been funnier or more accurate. <3 Jimmy Carr.

Other than that, I can almost say I'm ashamed to live in a country where 45% of eligible voters don't bother, and a 65% turn out means too many have come and you must be prepared to be turned away.

At least we've got John Barrowman, though.
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I invested in a webcam (that was FUCKING EXPENSIVE) and it came with 'fun filters', so myself and [ profile] holyfrell decided to test them out. Our favourite was the distortion one ...

[Cue copious usage of the 'Print Screen' button]

See the many faces of Silver ...

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Silver haz to have surgery :(

I have a lump that my doctors want removing ... I wouldn't mind, since it's been giving ... let's say ... 'bother', but it's on my face. And since it has to be surgically removed, I'm going to have a scar on my face. SILVER IS NOT HAPPEH.

Still ... at least my headaches might stop!

Now, all I need is a cure for asthma ....
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Shhhhh this is sekrit!

My friend/cheerleader/personal Hamster Enthusiast [ profile] holyfrell has just nipped off to bed, so I'm going to post this in the hope she will find it in the morning and be pleasantly surprised.

She just got diagnosed with Tietzes Syndrome, which is an agonising swelling and inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the breast bone and causes her a lot of motherfucking bastard wankshite pain and discomfort, as well as being potentially a lifelong ailment.

I would very much appreciate it if you guys could all take one second to give her a hug!

give HolyFrell more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

I want you all to click away so that that counter is up nice and high when she logs in tomorrow!

Remember: [ profile] holyfrell makes it her business to force me to write fic. If she's not feeling well, she won't be forcing me and fic shall not be done. SO HUG HER AND MAKE HER FEEL BETTER!!! [ye shall be rewarded] XD

Much love,



Mar. 14th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I finally got my lj userinfo icon to work! Yayyyyy!!!

[ profile] a_silver_story

Working on something for [ profile] damaged_silver at the moment - call it my 'Obligatory Post-Cyberwoman' Fic. Ha.

Should I give you a teaser? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...... no!

Okay ... I'll tell you one thing: it's very ... kinky.
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Heya folks!

I promised an update to Another Life last night, and it sort of never happened. This chapter has turned into something pretty epic, so I thought I'd share this with you now to give you something of mine to read ^_^.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was setting up a joint journal for darker or incomplete fics. The layout is ... definitely not finalised, but here it is, with a fic ready for you to read: [ profile] damaged_silver. The first fic is unlocked, but it is going to be a Friends Only journal. Comments worshipping my Friends Only banner are more than welcome, though stealage without credit is not.

A note on the fic posted there: As some of you may now, I took part in NaNo last year. As you may also remember, I had to get a new laptop a few weeks ago, and as a result I've lost over half of it. Anyway, to pander to you all for my lack of updates, here is a nice, long, fluffy(ish)(okay, there's barely any fluff) first-half

Title: Untitled NaNo
Chapter: This is only half of it!
Author: [ profile] a_silver_story
Genre Angst, Romance, bits of smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: ManOnMan. Nom.
Disclaimer: If I owned anything in this, I'd be a rich rich rich bitch. However, I am not a rich rich rich bitch so you may all, therefore, assume I own nothing. Which I don't. It all belongs RTD and the BBC, in case any of you didn't know.
Summary: Set after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but before Sleeper, I wrote this for NaNoWriMo 2009 but lost half of it when I was forced to get a new laptop. I have what was saved in my, which is less than half, but better than nothing! It's AU, and it's a 'let's make Jack suffer!' fic, really. It's Ianto P.O.V, and I promise everything will work out fine when I get around to re-writing the second half.

This way, please ....
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... okay ... now that I've had chance to calm down ....


I've been nominated in 'General Fic' for Silver Service and 'Future Fic' for Another Life.

I'm effin' chuffed! Thanks guys! (especially [ profile] zsazsa4168, [ profile] holyfrell, [ profile] naddypants and [ profile] griza - and [ profile] magicmalcolm, because he sends me alcohol ...)

I'll be updating my banner and icons soon. Like .... now. Like ... instantly. Here they are:

(I do love a muted colour scheme)

... you might have noticed the slight hint at my nomination on my banner - you may also notice I fixed Jack's eyes.

Sorry ... I'm gonna have to squee again ...


What a lovely gift to cheer me up before this year's Singles Awareness Day!

Much love to everyone in the world ever ever ever!



Feb. 8th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Update later! Currently have 4,728 words.

... did I mention I GOT SHERLOCK HOLMES???

Don't read the comments if you don't want to be spoilered!

I've probably be making iconnage soon XD
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Okie dokie! New layout!

I've also completely re-vamped my Profile, starting over from scratch.

Let me know if you spot anything that needs changing - the buttons on the comments are a bit funny, but I think we'll be able to survive until I figure out what the hell I actually did to make them go like that. I haven't noticed anything else just yet (apart from the distinct lack of Janto animated goodness in the side bars - sit tight, it shall return!) so do flag if you spot anything.

*whew* that was a hard work! Ish.

Right .... Silver Service or Another Life?

I haven't updated Silver'verse for a while ....

Work to do!
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Well ... I ... I don't honestly know what to say.

The response I had to my previous post, where I mentioned that I was honestly, seriously thinking about leaving this fandom has been ... overwhelming. I had absolutely no idea that people liked my writing enough to miss me should I choose to stop, never mind beg me not to or buy me balloons or draw rather fantastic pieces of artwork in the hope of making me stay.

When I hoped for cheering up, I hardly expected videos of penguins shopping - never mind slashy masterpieces with my actual name written on in a pun and in actual dedication and with hearts and stuff! And then ZsaZsa offering to grow a plot bunny that involved Ianto calling me up ... and just let your imaginations run wild with that one ....

I just ... *gah* ... I'm at a loss for what to say. I had no idea so many people would actively discourage me from leaving. I mean ... some of you were rambling, some of you were talking pure sense - one of you was drawing Ianto riding a T-Rex! I don't think I can put into words how your comments made me feel - I think I actually had a little cry. A good type of cry, though. It put all thoughts of giving this up out of my head and you all made me remember why I loved writing for this fandom to start with.

I tried thinking of something to say to each individual commenter, but I'm just struggling to put it into words right now. Thanks for the artwork, the video recs, the fic recs, the group hugs, the words of encouragement and, yes: even the .gifs of painfully adorable felines. All of them worked together to put me in the most positive mindframe I've been in for a few weeks now.

In regards my darker fics that I mentioned writing and hating, I have decided to follow advice here and post them on a separate journal. When that's set up properly I'll let you all know - it'll be friends only, and have strong adult warnings. No rape or anything like that - just insane!dark!Jack bile I found myself writing. I'm sure the previous sentence definitely enticed you into reading any of it ....

Anyways - I've decided that this signals the end of a chapter in this journal's life. As such, there shall be a new banner and a totally new layout [aka a facelift XD], as well as my newly-reinvigorated energy for writing.

Behind the cut are the pictures that got drawn for me, in case you didn't see them in the thread and because I want everyone to know I got them! - NSFW )

Thanks and much love to everyone in the world ever,

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Hi everyone!

First off: apologies for the radio silence on my part. My old laptop contracted a virus (in no way related to the 456) and I've had to get a replacement. As a result I've had to spend the last week hand writing my stories. I'm typing up the finished ones at the moment, which includes Silver Service and Another Life. I have a plan for the next chapter of IM, but the inspiration is refusing to take me with that one.

Bah! Do I have catching up to do! I haven't even started to process End of Time part II properly yet (even though nearly half of it wasn't actually plot). I thought it was a real shame that I wasn't in any way emotionally involved with that story. I was ... apathetic. Not like I was with WoM, where I cared about what might happen. Still, at least it saved me the disappointment.

I'll save my thoughts and opinions about *that* scene for now, even though I've arguably had enough time to think back on it and consider it properly. spoiler behind this cut - tread with caution! )

I hope you all had a wonderful winter and New Year celebration - everything was going fine for me until we decided to play Family Fortunes. Now half of my family isn't talking to the other half because apparently on the list of the top five "Imaginative Things To Do With a Banana", 'Masturbate' was the top answer, not 'pretend it's a gun' - no matter what the card says.


Sorry for the absence - I'm typing up fic as we speak (apart from when I'm typing this, or chatting to [ profile] torchyj on MSN)


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Gah! The muse has left me again! I've been trying to motivate myself to write for the past couple of days, but everything has just been, basically, a rambling trip to nowhere. I'm working on several things at once, which I don't think much helps.

Anyways, here's what's coming up (probably all at once):

  • A request for [ profile] melten - more babysitting fluff, with snow and chocolate. Yay!

  • My NaNoWriMo Janto fic - starts just after KKBB, and explores how things could have gone another way (Dun dun duuuunnnnn). I may be abandoning this one and taking up another idea and try and get that one done in time. Ha.

  • Silver Service, of course!

  • A request for [ profile] unrequited1984 in the IM verse. I'm saying no more ....

  • A re-write of Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. It will be called 'MegaloJohn', and involve Janto trying to get away from Captain John's enormous co - ... shark. This one may take a while. It needs a plot, since the one in the original film is a little ... non-existent.

  • The plot bunny for a couple of other AU's has decided to burrow into my mind. Once I decide which I like best, I'll set to work. Possibly a one-shot, but given the fact every series I have started as a one-shot it'll more likely turn into a series. Hey! I can't help it if I'm a sucker for detail!

  • Dabbling in Dibley! And this time, Ianto gets to meet Harry.

  • Silver'verse needs updating ... can't even remember where I left that one ... OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! Threesome!

As you can see, I'm going to be a very busy bunny - all this, as well as my uni work! How will I manage - especially with my newfound ability to sleep, which is incredibly joyous. I've also just had my Swine Flu injection, so my left arm is very hurty at the moment. Well, both my arms are hurty at the moment. I had Swine Flu in one arm and seasonal in the other.

I'm a Risk Group ^_^

Anyhoo, I shall leave you all with this photograph of me, sneaking my Ianto cosplay into a Bugsey Malone night (if anyone asked, I was the Gay Mafia ...), you can't really see my waistcoat though. Pfft.

I coulda been anythin' that I wanted to be ...

... and for the crack ...


Nov. 4th, 2009 06:21 pm
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So after yesterday's fiasco, I've finally got my internet sorted and brought back to life. It more sputtered than John Barrowman© full on gasping, but we got it back.

What annoys me though is that I told the guy FIVE TIMES on the phone what the problem was, and that I could nip to the shop and get a new ADSL cable and simply give them the receipt to reimburse the cost of the new cable. They told me not to do that until they were absolutely certain that the cable was the problem, and that they'd be sending a handy man round to look at the hardware.

So he comes around, he looks at the router, he tests a couple of things ....... "Your ADSL cable is having trouble transferring the information."

... yah. No shit Sherlock.

I wouldn't be too bothered by their caution, had Roy not had the exact same problem two weeks ago and they let him sort it out the way I suggested - hell, I was the one that pointed out the problem, what the problem was and how they had to fix it!

One thing that pisses me off about IT guys - and I've got this a lot - is the assumption that because I'm a girl, I don't know anything about computers.

Hello? I have a t-shirt with the slogan 'No, I will not fix your computer' for a reason!!

In other news, I had the most surreal experience of my life today. I was in town looking at ADSL cable prices, wearing a white t-shirt that I'd used a permanent marker to write "I am one of 9 hysterical women on the internet" on the back of. I was just happily minding my own business, when this lovely young lady comes over and asks if I'm part of the Save Ianto Jones campaign, to which I reply, "Yes, to an extent."

She tells me she is too, though she's not really an online-y sort of person and mainly sticks to Twitter rather than LiveJournal, and do I have a Twitter account? I say yes and I tell her my username is "a_silver_story".

... now I know what a full fangirl squee looks like in person, and so do several innocent people in PC World, Chester.

Apparently she reads my fic *waves* and loves it to the point of refreshing her page every hour or so to look for updates even when she's in lectures. I rather ungracefully turned beetroot red by this point, mumbling a couple of thankyous and stuff with no idea what I'm supposed to say.

She did ask me a couple of questions though, that I shall reproduce and answer for you all here:

How are you?

Fine, thanks.

How did you come up with that immortal!Ianto theory with the Timey Wimey and the axis?

I was lying in bed, contemplating that if Jack was fixed point in a Timey Wimey ball (as presented to us in 'Blink'), he'd have to be in the middle of said ball in order for Time to flow smoothly and work in order with no problems. So I thought to myself: what if he wasn't? What if he moved?

And the basic science of the axis behind it present in my mind for ... er ... reasons I can't go into here gave me the blatant answer.

Someone would have got this theory eventually, I just ... got there first.

How can you manage to write such long updates and post them so often?

Insomnia. I'm an insomniac. I go for about three days without sleeping at a time, and need something I can do without waking the SO. So I write stories.

My updates usually average around 7,000 words for Silver Service, and usually about the same for prose entries of IM. My recent 'Hallowe'en Treat' was 16,455 words, and was started on October 31st, finished on November 3rd. If was taking part in NaNoWriMo, I'd be wayyyyy ahead. 50,000 words a month? Easssssy. I've been doing that since about July.

I've also finally started working on my book, which I hope to finish within about six months with as little damage the flow of fic as possible .

I post often because I have the internet. If I don't have the internets, people get hurt.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for a cheap ADSL cable. Mine's broken, but the guys who're supposed to look after our broadband don't believe me because I'm a woman-kind.

Have you seen Shark Attack 3?

Yes. One day I might come to terms with that.

... or stop randomly laughing to myself.

Will the IM series ever end?


How will it end?


Ianto dies, Jack flies away on Myfanwy's back and gets shot down over the Bristol Channel, Gwen takes over as head of Torchwood and Rhys and Andy never discover that they are, in fact, meant for each other (in a very homosexual way).

Oh .... you ... you are lying, aren't you?


How will Silver Service end?


Ianto and Lisa die, Jack flies away on an RAF plane that gets shot down over the Bristol Channel, it turns out that Barbara is called Janet after all, Toshiko and Owen lose their baby to gremlins and Gwen and Rhys take over as the main focus of the story.

Are you going to tell me any true plot lines?

Nope. Stop asking.

I've actually told the plot line for Silver Service to one person, and one person only and shall share it with no more. Unless you bribe me summit good.

I'm desperate for cash. Totally dried up thanks to those stoopid £350 bank charges after I got overdrawn on my CoE pre-order ... that I couldn't cancel because the BBC moved the release date from the 27th to the 13th and had already taken my money by the time I decided I didn't want the bastard DVD any more (coincidentally, on Day Four I reached this decision ....)

Anyhoo, thank you Jenny for the little PC World chat, it means a lot to me that my writing has made you laugh, cry and squee in public quite so profoundly.

Love to you all; whether thee be minions, readers or floaters just drifting by.


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Okay, I'm trying to post the Epilogue for your Hallowe'en treat, but my internet has gone DOWN! (and I mean down!)

Yes, at 5:45, fifteen minutes after the people who can fix my internet left work, the Internet died. This greatly upset myself, and my housemate.

After an hour of no Internets, we were so bored, we ended up making Jenga tower out of DVDs. I won.

So, in despair, I have come to the University Library in the hope of possibly posting the Epilogue. I put it in a nice neat Word.docx, all typed up, self-beta'd and ready to be copied and pasted onto LiveJournal. I sit down at the computer, I swtich it on, I log in .... the systems are too old to read the Office 07 .docx format. Joy. The 2003 one they have also hates me so much, it refuses to convert it for me into something it can read.

I think "Well, it's not the end of the world ... I'll just go home and save the file in different formt. No biggie, and everyone can do with a walk every now and then". So I walk all the way home, convert the file to rich text, and walk all the way back. What's the issue now? Oh, the computer bank I've been using before has been closed for cleaning, so I need to go to the other one in the Reading Room. Fine, okay.

I discover that these read 2007 .docx files and go silently mental.

... still an issue? Clearly.

The bastard thing won't read my USB! I've tried about three different stations, and nothing will accept my little pink USB pen exists.

I promise I will get this Epilogue up tonight, even though everything is against me. I think God might be Gwack (I typed that and thought: 'duh? What has that shouty man with the signs and sandwich board on Chester highstreet been telling you all this time?') because he's the only one who would possibly try and stop me from doing anything.

Whether my sanity will survive until morning remains questionable.

You better all love me.

And I mean love me lots.

Even if you don't like the ending ... which I think you might not ...

It's bit ... RTD ....


Here's the DVD Jenga Tower of DOOOOOOOOM

sorry ... didn't realise how big the photies were! )

Points if you can guess the DVDs you can't see.

I think the clear message here is: DO. NOT. TAKE. THE. INTERNETS. AWAY. FROM. GEEKS.
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Okay .. I've got a game for us all!

Myself and [ profile] griza were chatting on MSN, when we accidentally made up a little game. Now, me - being the genius that I am - forgot to save the conversation and lost pretty much the entire [and rather hilarious] thing.

Anyhoo .. the game is basically called "I bet _______ saved the screen caps for Lonely Nights." Basically, you fill in the blank of the sentence with a name.

Here are the caps. See how lovely and tight JB's suit is, and how little it leaves to the imagination ..



Here's some that I can remember to start us off:

I bet Scott saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet John saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

[for the fangirls/boys in all of us:] I bet GDL saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Janet saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Sauron saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet he emailed them to Voldemort, who saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet my hamster saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet me, you and everyone else saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet our mothers all saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet the Supreme Dalek saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Barack Obama saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Bernard Black saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet R2D2 saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet R2D2 and the Supreme Dalek had robot wanks together over those screen caps on Lonely Nights.

The Cult of Skaro are R2D2's and the Supreme Dalek's misunderstood middle children, and have many screen caps saved for Lonely Nights.

I bet Margaret Thatcher saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Osama Bin Laden saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet the spidery-mouse things saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet the entire cast of 'Hollyoaks' saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Chuck Norris saved those screen caps for Lonely Nights.

I bet Ianto is in Fictional Character heaven, going through the Fictional CCTV, screen capping it all and emailing it to GDL for Lonely Nights.

.... o kay ... I think you get the picture ...

Add your suggestions below - the best one gets a special prize!

Continued Here
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Okie dokie ... I just thought I'd let you all know that thanks to the really positive reaction I've had to my writing on here and in a couple of other fandoms (okay ... Harry Potter ...) I've decided to take a u-turn and take on writing as a career possibility. Tomorrow I'm going back to university, and I'm putting in a request to change my course and study Creative Writing.

"As well as learning how to write prose, you will also be studying poetry and the creation of drama scripts for stage and screen." says the prospectus.

I think I'll be happier on this course rather than the one I'm doing now - combined Drama and Theatre Studies with Fine Art - as I think I'll be more motivated to fitting an outline or brief. I prefer to create art when the inspiration takes me, not when the man in the suit says it needs it. While writing is an art form, I find it easier to create stories and ideas from words rather than images from a title.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to go ahead and tell them what I want to do, rather than what has been expected for me to do. (I come from a family of artists ... I need to tell them about this next ...)


I'll probably update later if I'm not lying in a bloody lump somewhere.

Here's something that's just far too cute as a thankyou:

From [ profile] tw_babiez
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Just so you're not all up waiting (pfft?), I'm really sorry but there's not going to be an update tonight. I had written a massive chunk of Silver'Verse, only for my computer to crash and then not believe me when I told it I *had* saved it. *grumbles incoherently*

"Cannot Locate File" my fookin arse!

If I find, I shall post. If not, I'm going to have to start again.

¬_¬ stoopid laptop.

In my last fic update, an number of you expressed concern over my being hit around the head with a book. I urge you all not to worry: it was my useless but rather evil boyfriend checking to make sure my headache was still there.

He is now caressing his balls in regret.



Aug. 14th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Sorry I'm a little late posting this!

The voting for the Minion Icons closed today, and I'm currently adding up the scores (I'm not supposed to be on the computer so I'm very surreptitiously doing it - which makes things quite slow).

I'll announce the winner later x


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