Jan. 27th, 2010

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Borin' ol' me!
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Well ... I ... I don't honestly know what to say.

The response I had to my previous post, where I mentioned that I was honestly, seriously thinking about leaving this fandom has been ... overwhelming. I had absolutely no idea that people liked my writing enough to miss me should I choose to stop, never mind beg me not to or buy me balloons or draw rather fantastic pieces of artwork in the hope of making me stay.

When I hoped for cheering up, I hardly expected videos of penguins shopping - never mind slashy masterpieces with my actual name written on in a pun and in actual dedication and with hearts and stuff! And then ZsaZsa offering to grow a plot bunny that involved Ianto calling me up ... and just let your imaginations run wild with that one ....

I just ... *gah* ... I'm at a loss for what to say. I had no idea so many people would actively discourage me from leaving. I mean ... some of you were rambling, some of you were talking pure sense - one of you was drawing Ianto riding a T-Rex! I don't think I can put into words how your comments made me feel - I think I actually had a little cry. A good type of cry, though. It put all thoughts of giving this up out of my head and you all made me remember why I loved writing for this fandom to start with.

I tried thinking of something to say to each individual commenter, but I'm just struggling to put it into words right now. Thanks for the artwork, the video recs, the fic recs, the group hugs, the words of encouragement and, yes: even the .gifs of painfully adorable felines. All of them worked together to put me in the most positive mindframe I've been in for a few weeks now.

In regards my darker fics that I mentioned writing and hating, I have decided to follow advice here and post them on a separate journal. When that's set up properly I'll let you all know - it'll be friends only, and have strong adult warnings. No rape or anything like that - just insane!dark!Jack bile I found myself writing. I'm sure the previous sentence definitely enticed you into reading any of it ....

Anyways - I've decided that this signals the end of a chapter in this journal's life. As such, there shall be a new banner and a totally new layout [aka a facelift XD], as well as my newly-reinvigorated energy for writing.

Behind the cut are the pictures that got drawn for me, in case you didn't see them in the thread and because I want everyone to know I got them! - NSFW )

Thanks and much love to everyone in the world ever,

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Okie dokie! New layout!

I've also completely re-vamped my Profile, starting over from scratch.

Let me know if you spot anything that needs changing - the buttons on the comments are a bit funny, but I think we'll be able to survive until I figure out what the hell I actually did to make them go like that. I haven't noticed anything else just yet (apart from the distinct lack of Janto animated goodness in the side bars - sit tight, it shall return!) so do flag if you spot anything.

*whew* that was a hard work! Ish.

Right .... Silver Service or Another Life?

I haven't updated Silver'verse for a while ....

Work to do!


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