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Title: Jack and Eleven
Author: [livejournal.com profile] a_silver_story
Rating: PG-13 with a reference to man shagginz
Warnings: Expect the unexpected. Maybe tea, but NO SPOILERS.
Disclaimer: A large portion of this belongs to the BBC, with a couple of Chocolate Orange segments being tossed in the direction of RTD. The middle, however, goes to Super!Moff. If you understand this metaphor, you win nothing but my grudging respect.

Summary:A non-spoilery fic, set post-CoE. Eleven goes 'round to Jack's new place for a cup of tea and a chat. They clear up a few things and avoid a major, life-threatening disaster.

Jack and Eleven )

Pilot 2

Jan. 30th, 2010 03:08 pm
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Okie dokie! Here's my second pilot! The only warning here is an unfortunately canon Character Death.

Pilot II

Jack stared down into the ditch, hardly able to believe his eyes.

"You should be right on it, Jack," Toshiko was saying in his ear.

"Yeah ... thanks Tosh ... I ... I found it."

Carefully Jack lowered himself into the damp mud, feeling it squelch beneath his boots and biting his lip hard to keep from crying. "Owen," he croaked. "Owen, I need you at the second site now."

"On my way," came the reply.

Jack stood in the ditch, still unsure what to do with the latest disaster the Rift had decided to throw at them - if it had been the Rift that had done ... this.

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Pilot 1

Jan. 29th, 2010 08:26 am
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OKays ... so believe it or not, Silver Service is nearly finished, leaving room on my timetable for a possible new fic. The only problem is ... I've kinda got too many bunnies. So, what I'm going to do is write a short 'pilot' section for each one, then link them together and have you all read them and tell me which one you'd be most interested in seeing.

To start off, I bring yee the possible opening for [working title] 'Out of Time'. It begins pre-series 2, and kinds flies off from there.

I'd rate this as about 15. No porn, but mentions of dirty, dirty homosexuals gettin' jiggy wid it )
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Ianto Jones, because he deserved someone who was actually worth his time, unlike that crappy!Jack we saw in series 3. Y'know ... the one that was totally different in every single sense of the phrase 'different' from anything we've seen in previous series. The one also known as 'bastard!Jack'.

Ianto was sweet and lovely, passionate and mysterious. He was funny without trying, witty and intelligent and the calm, well-dressed gentleman all men and women wish they had.

He was also rather fit. Even when he turned blue (which was just insulting; everyone knows red was his colour!).

I'm not usually one for mixing up punctuation at the end of sentences to 'increase emphasis on the point', but I shall make this one exception:


SaveIantoJones.com is the last chance.

Save him, my padawans, minions and angry mobsters! Save him before Gwenwood comes and we're all bored to death!
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Firstly - apologies for all the CoE and, more recently Gwen-centred bashing in this journal. I promise you it will eventually, maybe, someday ... stop. Okay, the Gwen-bashing might, but CoE was so much fail even bringing Ianto back won't make me see that many positives, I shouldn't think.

Anyhoo, I bring you more fail - of the most epic of proportions. Perhaps not quite so epic a the possiblity of sound travelling in space, or a virus being released from an air-tight box and actually being able to kill people in under ten minutes (c'mon! Even ebola isn't that fast - and ebola's had practice!), but it is still quite a ridiculous failure.

Look at the day, clearly spelt out on Ianto's newspaper at the beginning of Day Two:

^^Click To Enlarge^^

So ... if Day Two was Wednesday, Day Three was Thursday and Day Four was Friday ... logic tells us that Day Five would be a Saturday. So ... um ... why were all the kids at school, in full school uniform, on a Saturday?

Also, Gareth was exhibiting a bit of a weird thumb, there. Dontcha think?


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