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Yes! I made it to London Film and Comic Con 2010!

I went with [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell, and we met Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow (the ghost from Being Human), Aidan Turner (the vampire from Being Human), Ben Browder (John Crichton in Farscape), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom, and also Tommy Brockless' little brother!).

We also met a not very well known early TV sci-fi actor called William Shatner. I don't know if you've heard of him.

Anyway, con reports can be tedious and boring for those who weren't there, so I shall keep it short, to the point and use all the pictures I have.

My day began at 0300, catching my first train at 0455 to Crewe, then on to London, then to West Brompton. After a mass of confusion and having to duck out of the queue a few times, I managed to find the (slightly late) [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell right at the back of it.

First, we met Russell Tovey, who was so lovely I wanted to take him home in my rucksack.

Holyfrell said to him, 'We loved you in Doctor Who! We'd love to see more of you in Doctor Who and Torchwood.'

Then there was this silence.

She then made the most epic backtrack of her life.

"Well ... maybe not Torchwood."

Russell laughed. We're all in it together.

Next, we met Lenora Crichlow, who I think was my favourite (despite preferring the vampire and ghost from the pilot of Being Human). She was lovely, beautiful and made plenty of time for everyone she saw. We went back to her a couple of times.

The next few hours are a little hazy for me. I was exhausted and starved, and there was a lot of waiting around and searching for Bat Mobiles, Eleven's sonic and peering through crowds in search of Aidan Tuner.

It was Holyfrell who wanted Eleven's screwdriver - I already have one. Ha. HA.

I didn't taunt her with it.


Yes, I'm a geek. What of it?

My favourite costume of the day was this:

I thought it was genius. I won't post any of the other costumes from DW just yet, 'cause they may be considered spoilery.

We finally found out when Ben Browder was going to start signing again, and got right to the very front of the queue. Literally. We were the first ones. Holyfrell made him feel old by saying 'I've been watching Farscape since I was seven!', and when he looked up to see a full grown woman in front of him, the cringe was almost a record-breaker.

A bit more waiting around, browsing, running from somebody dressed as Alien with authentic spittle ...

... and we finally got our hands on Aidan Turner. He was Smexy Hot, in an hungover, lovable tramp sort of way. At least after meeting him I know I'm not a lesbian. Lucky for him there was a table and a bunch of storm troopers in the way.

Next, after a lot of phoning up my dad going 'OMG YOU HAVE TO PUT MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT SO THAT I CAN GET WILLIAM SHATNER'S AUTOGRAPH!', everything finally went through, I paid my money and then on the way to Shatner's queue we stopped by Matthew Lewis' table and I got my friend (who is of the impression that Neville is so awesome his Patronus is Neville) his autograph for her birthday. Her birthday is in November, so I'll probably 'splode with not telling her, but listening to her shout at me for not getting his autograph the next day was immensely satisfying.

Anyhoo, on to Shatner. The queue moved really quite quickly - we queued only for 20 minutes at the most. There was a lot of zig-zagging and following arrows, and you could only take pictures up to a certain point. Observe how in each one, Shatner gets a gradually closer XD

And the autograph:

After that we were all just a little bit exhausted and hungry (£3.90 for a hot dog? WTF? It wasn't even that hot!), so we all piled into Holyfrell's Dad's van and went for a quick drive around London, popped into a Tesco Metro and picked up sandwiches, crisps, drinks and Mars bars then cut through and ate them in the park. The others were enchanted by the low-flying aeroplanes, which I found pretty amusing since they fly over my house pretty much every day and can be actually rather annoying. Add to that the fact my uni accommodation in my first year was in an RAF training flight path, and you get the idea.

Anyway, it was time for me to go home, so we headed back to West Brompton station so that I could catch my 1912 train and begin the lonnnnng journey home. Considering I'd been up since 0300 and had only taken six pro plus and had two espressos, I was already pretty exhausted. I think I got home at about 2330, flopped down on my bed and that was me out until midday next.

I actually woke up thinking 'WTF?? Who's on top of me???', before realising I'd fallen asleep with my rucksack still on.

Anyway, that was my day at Comic Con! Definitely looking for a convention next year, possibly with either more Star Trek or more Doctor Who, and possibly a little closer to home. Either that or I dish out extra and stay the night in London, but the guests tend to be better up north.

Whew! That's me done then!


All the photos except the autographs, Shatner, Alien and Dalek are [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell's. I took them with dubious permission. HA.
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