Jun. 7th, 2010

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  • 17:42 The Goonies is on C5! S'all a lot more bromantic than I remember ... #
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  • 18:16 Awww Samwise Gamgee when he was Samwise-sized >.< #
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  • 19:22 @NadlarNoir They treat the cork now, don't they? #
  • 21:39 Every guy I meet is either gay or a bear #
Borin' ol' me!
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Tosh was featured in this week's MSN gallery of TV's Geekiest Geeks.

Toshiko 'Tosh' Sato

Torchwood's technical expert was quiet but highly intelligent. The sensitive computer genius was focused and intensely professional; Tosh had a keen understanding of practical physics which made her useful as a field agent.

As was Ten:

David Tennant's Doctor

David Tennant's Time Lord loved gadgets (sonic screwdriver, anyone?). What's more, he was a living embodiment of geek chic with his long trench coat, brown pin-striped suit, skinny trousers and Converse trainers. His attire perfectly reflected his slightly eccentric persona.
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Torchwood series 4 Announced

According to the quote in the article, it's going to be 'bigger and bolder than ever' (what? again? Bigger and bolder than ever ... again? FFS! 'bigger and bolder' doesn't exactly translate well. Look at Jurassic Park II and the TRex in San Diego! May have been bigger ... certainly wasn't 'better'.)

Thankfully not an American reboot (thank Christ they dropped that idea), but it will be a ten episode, three-way production between BBC Cyrmu, BBC Worldwide and American network Starz with RTD, Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter in charge. Instead of being based in Cardiff, it's going to be all over the place in 'international locations'.

Just what the Torchwood fans wanted. Definitely. Without a doubt. I mean, one of the things we LOVED about CoE was that it wasn't in Cardiff, right?

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why can't they just FUCKING. STAY. IN. CARDIFF? And WTF? Gwen's still in Torchwood? Does she lose her baby somehow? Surely Gwen isn't so irresponsible (okay - she's had her moments, but when it comes to kids, parents generally have some form of clarity) as to continue work for Torchwood with a dependent child? I mean ... it's not like she KNOWS RTD will NEVER EVER kill her ....

Maybe she'll just be wandering around in the background like Donna did in the End of Time, with no discernible or real reason for being there other than LOOK AT THE POPULAR ACTRESS! LOOK! WE DIDN'T FORGET HER AFTER WE BALLSED UP HER STORYLINE!

And JACK - sending Jack off-planet at the end of CoE always confused me. Cuz ... there was no way they weren't gonna bring him back. What a waste of my screen time.

JACK: I'm going. I can't ever return here. This planet is a graveyard to me.

[an appropriate amount of plot happens (though probably not very much, really)]


Maybe series four will be Jack taking Rhys, Gwen and Baby around all the places he visited on his six months travelling after torturing his grandson to death.

Despite my instantly negative reaction, I will have to give it a go. There is the teeniest, tiniest smidgen of chance that it might actually be worth the time and effort. My biggest drawbacks are a) WTF NOT IN CARDIFF? WHY WHY WHY??? WHAT ABOUT THE RIFT?


and b) RTD is writing again. Could he at least have a beta this time? Please? Maybe a continuation whiteboard to go with his new, shiny, US office?

Cuz ... srsly ... USA can keep him.

EDIT: As [livejournal.com profile] iantogodeo pointed out, there's no mention of Kai Owen or Tom Price. Maybe Rhys and Andy ran away together with Gwen's baby, and that's why it's vaguely sane for Gwen to still be with Torchwood. Rhys + Andy= Rhandy. CSI: Cardiff could still happen.


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