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Title: SilverFish
Chapter 06/??
Author [livejournal.com profile] a_silver_story
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: None for this chapter
Summary: Jack and Ianto in prison - with plot, and lots and lots of smut. Sorry, I can't help it.
Disclaimer: If I owned anything in this, I'd be a rich rich rich bitch. However, I am not a rich rich rich bitch so you may all, therefore, assume I own nothing. Which I don't. It all belongs RTD and the BBC, in case any of you didn't know. Now pass the retcon ...

Torchwood Index

First Chapter

It was really strange being out amongst people again.

In a weird way, it was like being back at school on the first day of term. Everyone met up with their friends and swapped stories of their time apart, compared how interesting said time had been and made plans for their morning social time. Ianto watched quietly from the sidelines, listening to the chatter around him as he tried to ignore the fact John and Jack weren't to be seen.

Owen and a group of others had their heads bowed together suspiciously while someone else kept a look out for guards. Ianto sidled closer slowly, hoping no one would notice. Just as he was getting in ear shot, they all straightened up and shook hands, clapping Owen on the back. They all cleared away as innocently as they could (no wonder they all got caught, Ianto thought) and Ianto approached Owen.

"What are you up to?"

"Hooch," grinned Owen. "Want some? If you tell me it's for Jack I can give it you free. Just do it quick before the part of me that's so scarred from spending three days with John comes back out and turns me into a wanker again."

"Erm ... it's for Jack?"

Owen clapped him on the back. "I'll drop by later," he winked. "Now - I need to go outside."

Ianto followed him out through the crowded cafeteria, and squinted in the sunlight. "Natural light feels weird," he said, rubbing his eyes and seeing Owen do the same.

"It's the energy saving bulbs. They flicker at a high speed we can't consciously register, but too much exposure and boy do we feel it. Some people get some pretty bad chronic headaches with no clue its their lightbulbs. Don't get me started on the risks to epileptics ...."

"Are energy saving bulbs worth it, then?"

Owen thought for a moment. "Humans will harden to them. Get used to them. In the long run it'll be better, I hope. At least we'll still have a planet."

They sat down on a patch of grass as the rest of the inmates began to filter outside, Ianto cagily avoiding questions about what he and Jack had been up to. "Reading mostly," was Ianto's main answer. "You and John?"

"Cards, arm wrestling and Who Can Resist Murder The Longest."


"Was Jack okay?"

"Er ... yeah. Why wouldn't he be?"

"He can be a bit over-bearing at times, is all."

Ianto knew what he was getting at, and reassured him, "He was fine, Owen. We had an okay time."

"You didn't ... ?"

Ianto made an exasperated sound. "Why are you so keen for Jack to fuck me?"

Owen shrugged. "If he's on your arse, he's off mine."

Ianto gave him a sidelong glance. "... you haven't, have you?"

"Haven't what?"

"Oh my God - you have!" Ianto grinned. "You slept with him!"

"Keep. Your. Fucking. Voice. Down!" Owen warned, and Ianto snapped his mouth shut, but managed to keep his smirk. Owen glanced around warily, then leaned in to whisper. "It was a one-time thing, and neither of us acknowledge that it happened. Got that?"

"Yeah ... okay," Ianto agreed. "So ... what was he like?"

Owen raised an eyebrow. "You ... did you ... are you honestly saying you spent three days in solitude with Jack Harkness ... and he didn't ... y'know ... win you over?"

Ianto nodded. "I must just have more willpower than you, Owen."

"Fuck off."

He frowned when Ianto didn't retort, then followed his line of sight to see a Saxon walking toward them on his own. He looked nervous and furtive, desperately aware he was being watched by all the Torchwood lot as he walked through them. He stopped near Owen.

"Doctor Harper?"

Owen nodded, then got to his feet. "We'll go inside. Ianto - John's over there," he indicated, and without a backward glance began to make his way inside with whom Ianto labelled 'The Enemy'. He got up and folded his arms as he walked toward John.

"Morning, Eye-Candy!"

"Morning, John," Ianto sighed, sitting next to him on the grass. "Waiting for someone?"

"This is mine and Jack's spot."


John reclined on the grass. "So ..."

"Mm. So?"

"What was he like, then? Gentle? Rough? Considerate? Demanding?"

Ianto sighed. "I didn't have sex with him, John."


"I didn't," Ianto huffed. "Everyone's assuming I did -"

"Too right they are."

"- but I didn't."

"You didn't?"

"No. I didn't."

"You ... didn't?" John repeated again, still sounding disbelieving.

"No. I. Did. Not."

"Are you sure?"

Ianto folded his arms and sounded more like a disgruntled teenager than intended when he mumbled, "Just leave it."

John sat up fractionally. "You didn't, did you?"

Ianto rolled his eyes. "That's what I've been saying."

"Is there something wrong with you or something?" John asked with a smirk. "Couldn't you get it up? - not that that would be too much of a problem for Jack, but ..."

"John: leave it."

"Why should I?"

"Because you're talking about something that never happened!"

John grinned widely. "So go on then ... !"

"'Go on then' what?"

"Why didn't you sleep with him?"

"Because I have self control?"

"Ha! You might, but he doesn't!"

Ianto didn't reply, shifting to sit cross-legged and ignoring John's attempts to catch his eye.

"Come on, Eye-Candy! Just ... tell me why he didn't fuck you."

Ianto shrugged.

"He didn't even try?"

"Oh - of course he tried!"

"He's not ill, then?"

Ianto laughed. "He might be. He ... um ...." Ianto glanced around nervously and dropped his voice lower. "... he pushed me away."

If John had had a drink at that point, he'd have probably spat it out for dramatic effect. "He what?"

Ianto shrugged. "He stopped me," he mumbled, trying to sound nonchalant.

John sat up properly, almost making Ianto jump with the speed which he moved. "He what?"

"He ... he stopped me. What? John!"

John was getting to his feet, and when Ianto tried to get up shoved him back down again.

"John! Where are you going! You're not supposed to leave me!"

"Fuck you, Eye-Candy," John tossed over his shoulder as he stormed away.

Ianto hugged his knees and bit his lip, feeling suddenly so very exposed. He scanned the outdoor area and spotted Alex's table, and got to his feet. He sat one the grass again close to it where he could see the entrance to the wing. John was cutting through the people milling around, purposefully striding inside with apparently tunnel vision.

"Oi! Little Fish!"

Ianto flinched, and glanced up to see who was calling him, thinking that at least being referred to as a teeny, tiny silverfish stayed between him and Jack and Owen. "Yeah?"

A large man with beady eyes was sat beside Alex, and Ianto had vaguely heard him referred to as 'Ugly Jack'.

"Surprised you can sit so comfortably," Ugly Jack taunted with a smirk, and the rest of the table tittered. Alex stopped his conversation with a raised eyebrow, but didn't intervene, waiting to see what might pan out.

Ianto rolled his eyes. "How creative and original. I'm sure no one's ever heard that attempt at 'funny' before."

The men around the table made 'ooooooh!' sounds, and Ugly Jack's face twisted into a grimace. "Excuse me?"

Ianto dropped his eyes to the grass, steeled his resolve, and made eye contact again. "I was saying that you're not funny. I also insinuated you were a bit stupid."

The table weren't quite sure how to react to that.

"Get up!" snapped Ugly Jack, standing up and rounding the bench.

Ianto scrambled to his feet with as much confidence and dignity as he could, standing to face Ugly Jack.

Ugly Jack suddenly looked about eight feet tall from where Ianto was standing, and Ianto was quickly wondering why he sometimes felt the need to talk and make smarmy comments when being quiet would most likely be beneficial.

"Face me like a man you fuckin' piece of shit."

"Hey!" Ianto scowled. "I resent that!"

He dodged the punch in time.

"I resent that, too," he added.

Something behind Ugly Jack's shoulder caught his eye, and he breathed a sigh of relief and grinned. "Heya, Jack," he beamed and waved.

Ugly Jack hesitated, then glanced over his shoulder, receiving a rather forceful knee in his balls for his guillability. After removing his knee from the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, Ianto ran for it as fast as he could, whoops and cheers following behind him with the vague sound of retching masked behind it.

He ran inside and flew up the stairs as fast as he could, hoping he wasn't grinning to himself too manically. Inside his cell he pushed the door to, leaving it slightly open, then turned and froze, not quite expecting to find John sat on his bed.

Out of breath, he struggled to speak. "Wha ... what are you ... what are you doing here?"

John smirked. "I was waiting for Jack, since he's apparently disappeared," he said, lying back on Ianto's bed and relaxing. "but now you're here, so you may as well entertain me."

Ianto stifled a sarcastic laugh, then hauled himself up onto Jack's bunk and pulled Dorian Gray out from under the pillow. Flicking it open to where he'd last stopped, he continued to read. The felt the bunk shift slightly as John pulled himself up from Ianto's bed.

"You're on Jack's bed," he observed.

"Yup," Ianto replied. "So?"

"He'll go mental if he catches you."

"He won't."

"And you're reading his book ...."

"He gave it me to read."

The book disappeared from Ianto's hands, John snatching it and throwing it against the wall. "He idd not!"

"John!" Ianto exclaimed. "What the Hell did you do that for?"

Ianto wriggled and slid off the bed, only to find John blocking his path to the book. John stepped into his personal space, and with a sudden uneasy feeling Ianto took an instinctual step back. "What are you doing?"

The wall hit Ianto's back, and John placed a hand either side of him to block him in.

Taking a deep breath, Ianto tried not to panic. "I think you should very carefully consider what this looks like, John ...."

Hart's eyes were cold. "What have you got that I haven't?" he asked, sounding curious but maintaining his icy tone. "What could you possibly give him that I couldn't? What could you possibly give him that I wouldn't?"

"He says he likes my vowels."

John laughed, and his eyes sparkled for a second. His arms dropped and he turned away. Ianto breathed a sigh of relief, before realising John had similar skills of misdirection in a fight and swung his fist straight into Ianto's face, catching him off guard. John got in another punch, landing it home just as Ianto was recovering from the first blow.

Ianto predicted John's next move of punching him in the bollocks, and managed to block it in time, reach behind and grab John's prison uniform and swing him around so that he lost his footing and went down hard. Ianto tried to back away and end it before it could get really rough, but John grabbed his ankle. Losing his balance, Ianto tumbled and John climbed on top of him, bunching up the front of his shirt in his fist as he raised his other one to land another punch.

Ianto was too quick, squirming to the left a bit and making John's fist catch the top of his arm instead and do more damage to John's hand. Ianto bucked and rolled them, getting to his feet as soon as he was on top and backing to the wall by the door, waiting for John to get up, too.

"Feisty, feisty," grinned John wolfishly. "I like that in my men, Ianto. I like that ...."

"I don't care what you like. Get out."

John laughed infuriatingly. "You do care what I like, I'll bet," he replied, his voice low with an edge of danger. "I bet you've thought about it."

Ianto averted his eyes. He had thought about what John might be like, but purely in a 'what would Jack like?' scenario. Not that he hadn't enjoyed thinking about it. John was rather attractive.

"Ah! So you have thought about it! Oh, this is precious."

Ianto rolled his eyes and folded his arms, ignoring how painful his lip was. At least he wasn't going to get a black eye, at any rate.

"Have you been wondering about what I'd look like naked?" John asked, stepping back into Ianto's personal space. "How big I am? How I'd fuck you? How I'd kiss you?"

"Don't be so fucking ego centric," Ianto hissed, and John laughed his infuriating laugh, raising a hand to run his fingers down the front middle seam of Ianto's boiler suit, pausing just above his cock and applying a little pressure to his abdomen.

"... and don't you just get a little spark ... right here ... when I call you 'Eye-Candy'?"

Ianto squeezed his eyes shut, turning his head away slightly when John leaned in. In an attempt to regain control of the situation, Ianto shoved John back as hard as he could. "Get the fuck away from me, John."

"Feisty," John repeated. "Feisty, fiery. Fiery, feisty." He played with the words in his mouth as Ianto watched him, hesitated, and dived toward him.

Ianto yelped as a fist collided with his stomach and his knees hit the floor as he was winded. John wasn't going to give up, he realised, and stuck out an arm to try and trip him. John went off balance and didn't fall, instead landing a kick in the middle of Ianto's back. Ianto cried out as John purposefully stood on his fingers, and with a growl he reached up, took hold of John's uniform and yanked down as hard as he could to drag him to the floor.

John wrenched himself free, stumbled backward, and with sicking crack and thud his head bounced off the edge of the sink and he hit the floor hard.

Ianto was still lying on the floor, panting as the world came back into focus. He pulled himself up to a sitting position and stared dumbfounded at John's limp body that was far too still.

Taking deep gulps of air, Ianto tried to stay calm.

"John?" he called softly. "John?"

He pulled himself closer.

"John? Can you ... can you hear me?"

He couldn't see any blood, but didn't know if he should move John, leave him as he was or put him in the recovery position. Tentatively, Ianto reached out to touch him. "If you're messing with me," he warned the unresponsive form. "I ... I will ... shit!"

He ran his hand through his hair.


Doctor Owen.

Leaving the cell door open slightly, Ianto bolted to Owen's cell and knocked on the closed door hurriedly.

"Busy!" Owen's voice snapped.

"It's an emergency!"

Owen pulled open the door. The Saxon he'd come inside with was stood just behind him, his shirt pulled up to his chin and a nasty wound healing grotequely just below his heart.

"Bloody Hell," Owen grimaced. "Who the fuck you been fighting?"

Ianto grabbed Owen's arm and dragged him down the row to his cell, just pointing to the floor silently.

"Fuck!" Owen gasped. "Shut that door - shut it now!" he ordered, crouching by John and checking his pulse. "He's alive. What the fuck happened?" demanded Owen, carefully maneuvering John into recovery and trying to examine his head to check the extent of the trauma.

"He ... he cornered me ... and he ... he swung at me ... and I fought back and ... he tripped. I didn't mean to really hurt him, Owen. I didn't! I just ...."

"I know, Ianto. I know."

The cell door flew open, Jack framed in the doorway wearing his usual 'YOU SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR!' expression.

"What the Hell have I told you abo- who hit y - John!"

Jack came to both realisations in quick succession, and fell to his knees by John's side. "What happened? Will he be okay? Who did this?"

Ianto sank down onto his bunk, trying to make himself as small as possible. Before either he or Owen could reply, Jack had pieced a little bit together. He glared at Ianto.

"What the fuck have you done?"

"Easy, Jack," soothed Owen. "John attacked him, he fought back. John tripped 'cause he's a dick and landed on the corner of the sink because he's unlucky. Ianto - chuck us a pillow."

Ianto fumbled and mumbled, reaching for his pillow and tossing it to Owen.

"He'll come 'round soon, hopefully. Let him wake when his body's ready to be conscious. Then I'll check him over properly."

Jack nodded, reaching out to brush imaginary hair from John's forehead. He sighed heavily and got to his feet, sitting beside Ianto on his bed.

"Jack ... I didn't mean to ... I didn't mean to ...."

"It's okay," Jack assured him, putting an arm around his shoulders and squeezing him. Ianto's head rolled to the side, his forehead resting in the crook of Jack's neck and bringing up his hand to hold onto Jack's other shoulder. Jack's arms were around him, and he squeezed tightly.

Once Owen had made John comfortable, he sat with his back against the wall and knees drawn up. He sighed and glanced over at Ianto and Jack, seeing Jack holding Ianto tight and protectively, rocking gently and both with their eyes closed.

Poor John.

Owen averted his eyes and watched the prone form before him, John's wrist in his hand so that he could monitor his pulse. He felt a twitch of the muscles, and John groaned. After a moment or so, eyes prised open.

"Fuck ... what the fuck have I been drinking?" John moaned, his eyes travelling up his arm to the wrist being monitored by Owen. "The hooch was that fucked, was it?"

Owen scowled. "There ain't nothing wrong with the hooch, John. It's you that's fucked. Ianto just kicked your arse so badly you needed medical attention."

John groaned again. "Yeah ... it's coming back to me now," he mumbled. "Fuck."

Jack cleared his throat. "Take him back to your cell, Owen."

"I need to exam-"

"Take him back to your cell. Now. I don't want him here."

In alarm, John tried to sit up. "Jack!"

"Come on, John," coaxed Owen. "You might be a bit dizzy so lean on ... woahhhh ... careful."

John had tried to stand on his own, making his fall into Owen all the more heavier. "Jack ..." he pleaded again.

Jack glared at him. "You attacked him!" he snapped. "I told you not to even touch him. You promised me you woulnd't do anything and I took you at your word! Now look - look at the bruises he'll have on his face! Look at his lip!"

Ianto felt uncomfortable. "It's okay, Jack. Really."

"Yeah," Jack sneered. "I shoulda seen the other, guy, right?"

John was fighting back tears in his eyes. "Jack!"

"Get out, John. I don't want you anywhere near me."

"Jack!" he whimpered. "Jack ... I ..."

Jack didn't reply, keeping his eyes on the floor and ignoring John completely.

John staggered forward, leaning precariously with one hand on the mattress. He tried to press his lips to Jack's lips, but Jack didn't react aside from the slightest grimace. John rested his forehead on Jack's temple intimately. "We only have three days left, Jack. Please. Don't let it all end like this."

Jack didn't reply, and Ianto bit his sore lip trying not to look.

Frustrated, John pressed his lips together in a fine line. "You think I'll remember you on the outside?" John hissed. "You think I'll be waiting? All that stuff we talked about ... you think I'll remember? You think that by the time you finally get out I'll remember how I used to get you so hard with just look? You think I'll remember how I could kiss you and kiss you for hours and hours and we'd want nothing more than each other? You think I'll remember how much I loved you?"

John grabbed the front of Jack's t-shirt, trying to make him look him in the eye.

"No," John said resignedly. "I won't remember. Not a damn thing. 'Cause this wasn't anything, was it, Jack?"

Jack finally looked at him. "This was everything, John. We were everything. But in the end, everything is nothing."

John sniffed, managing not to let any tears fall. He straightened as best he could, and Owen silently helped him out of the room, closing the door behind them gently. Jack watched their progress, and once the door was shut he sagged visibly. He tilted to the side, and let his weight pull him down so that he was lying in a heap on his side over Ianto's legs.

Ianto was still in slight shock, silently and automatically beginning to stroke Jack's hair and they remained quiet for what seemed like an age.

"So," Jack said eventually, his voice a little grated since he refused to acknowledge he had been silently crying. "That's two alpha males you've fucked up today, I hear."


"I heard about Ugly Jack out on the grass."

"Oh yeah ... that."

"I'm proud of you. I'd rather you didn't fight, but I'm proud of you for winning."

Ianto made a sound of disdain. "I ran away the first time."

"But you got the finishing blow in first - and you made him look very stupid."

"He won't try again, will he?" Ianto asked, biting his lip, his hand stilling in a tangle of Jack's hair.

"Probably," Jack admitted, sitting up slowly and rubbing his face, Ianto ignoring the wet patch on his knee where Jack's head had been. "So you gotta be ready. Stick near me and we'll beat the crap out of him together."

"Mmm," Ianto nodded. "Does everyone know?"

"That you won over Ugly Jack? Of course they know. Over half the wing saw."


"So ... just watch your back. Now that you've had two successes, there'll be those who wanna bring you down."

"I was just lucky."

"You make your own luck. Now - how badly did John get you? Does Owen need to check you over?"

"I'm fine. Just bruising, I think."

"Let me look."

"You just wanna get me naked," Ianto complained, pushing away Jack's hands.

"Well ... yeah. But this is an opportune time since I have a legitimate reason," Jack grinned.

Ianto sighed, then nodded, hissing a little as Jack helped pull down the top half of his boiler suit then lifted up his tshirt, purposefully trailing his fingers over Ianto's skin as he raised it up. Jack hissed through his teeth.

"Punched you in the stomach? It's already bruising."

Ianto nodded, leaning forward as Jack guided him to lie on his front across his lap while he checked hi back.

"There's a footprint," Jack told him, sounding rather restrained.

"My fingers hurt, too."

"How hard did you punch him?"

"He stood on them."

Jack sighed, and tapped Ianto's shoulder to make him sit up while shuffled back to lean against the wall as he sat. He raised an arm, and Ianto lay down on his side with his head resting on Jack's thigh, a reverse of earlier.

"I hate to admit it," Jack said quietly. "but my first instinct is to defend him. To say he didn't mean it. I know he did, but ... why would I want to defend him?"

"Because you love him."

Jack was quiet a moment, before tipping his head back until it touched the wall. "Yeah," he breathed. "I did." He tutted loudly, and swept his eyes over Ianto, half naked lying on the bed. "Look at what he's done to you," he murmured, trailing fingers gently over the darkening bruise on Ianto's stomach. "But like he said: three days left. Then he's gone. Chances are he'll plead with Owen to get him sent to hospital for the last seventy-two hours so he doesn't have to suffer it."

"What was he in for?"

Jack stiffened up slightly. "He ... ah ... his wife did something. He took the flack and went down for it."


"Yeah. He's a good guy, deep down, y'know?"

"Will you miss him?"

"I already miss who he used to be."

"Will you miss who he is now?"

Jack thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, probably. He was still John, but ... most of it had fizzled out anyway. I'd hoped we could part as friends ... but ... not after this."

He looked down when he didn't get a reply, and found Ianto had fallen asleep, his body bruised and battered. Carefully, Jack climbed out from under him and put the blanket his sister hand sent over his naked upper half. He stood in the cell, a little at a loss with what to do now, when he spotted Doraian Gray lying splayed open in the corner and tutted loudly. He carefully picked up the book, slotted it under his pillow and paused when he heard Ianto snuffle in his sleep.

He smiled to himself. One door closed, another door opened.

Carefully, Jack slid under the blanket beside him and got himself comfortable. He steadied his breathing and relaxed - if Ianto woke up, he didn't want him to realise Jack had been watching him sleeping - and let himself calm down, and began to think things over.


Ianto woke up stiff, half naked and with a heavy, dead weight sleeping on his shoulder.

"We're gonna have to stop doing this," he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep as he shrugged his shoulder to make Jack wake up.

"Mmf," was Jack's reply, prising an eye open. "Hmm. The bruising on your face isn't too bad," he said, reaching up to curl a finger under Ianto's chin and move his head from side to side to see properly. "It definitely looks like you've been in a fight, but at least John didn't go for your eyes and your lip hasn't swollen."

"I feel like shit, though," Ianto groaned. "Ow!"

He moved stiffly to get onto his side, relieving the bruising on his back. Jack ran a hand up and down his bare arm comfortingly.

Ianto yawned. "This is a bad ache. This is a 'you just lost a fight' ache."

Jack laughed. "You didn't lose. You won."

"It doesn't feel like I won."

There was a loud knocking on the door. "Oi! You two!"

Jack sprang up from the bed, and Ianto got to his feet as fast as he could as Jack pulled open the cell door to find a thoroughly pissed off Officer Cooper stood outside.

"Yes, Officer?" asked Ianto.

"You two weren't at lunch, and there's been rumours of fighting," she snapped, in full Officer Cooper mode. She swept her eyes over Ianto's bruised torso pointedly. "Guppy and Holroyd get wind of it, you'll be worse than written up."

Jack widened his eyes for effect. "They attacked him! He couldn't have not fought back. You won't tell will you?"

She sighed. "No, Jack, I won't tell. But you keep him out of trouble - and if Guppy and Holroyd do hear about it, it wasn't from me, okay? It's like they're on heat when it comes to getting you punished."

Jack grinned flirtatiously, but Officer Cooper held up her hand.

"Keep the terrible innuendo in your head, Harkness. Now - Ianto ... any more of that chocolate?" she asked sweetly.

"Here," he smiled, rooting it out from its hiding place and breaking her off half of the small bit that was left.

"Yer an angel," she grinned. "Happy endorphins are just what I need right now."

"It's not the chocolate you want, it's the compliment."

"I am very fond of them."

Jack shifted into her line of sight. "You know, you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen?"

Gwen rolled them, but smiled anyway. "You two -" she pointed threateningly, popping her chocolate into her mouth. "- are too good for this place."

Ianto laughed. "I bet you say that to all the boys who give you treats and compliments."

"I most certainly didn't say it to Owen Harper," she grimaced.

Jack and Ianto sniggered.

"Anyway - I have a job to do. Make sure you don't skip any more meals, okay?"

"We swear," Jack said, putting his hand on his heart dramatically.

Gwen left them to it, enjoying the last of her chocolate as she left their cell and headed off into the cafeteria downstairs for patrol. Jack turned back to find Ianto had put his tshirt back on and made a disappointed sound. "I was enjoying the view," he complained.

Ianto was disbelieving. "Sure. All skinny and pale and bruised and battered."

"I can work with that." He reached out and tugged Ianto's tshirt back up again, pulling so hard he got it right off over his head and half way down his arms before Ianto really realised what was happening.


Jack shrugged and continued tugging it down his arms. Ianto struggled a little for effect, laughing a little until he was free of the cotton. "If you get to look, I get to look," he reasoned, biting his lip a little shy and slipping his fingers under the hem of Jack's t-shirt. Jack glanced over his shoulder to make sure the cell door was properly shut, and raised his arms with a flirtatious smile.

Ianto let himself look properly for the first real time. He tentatively reached out, touching a long, thin scar that started just above the swell of Jack's hip and carried on sloping backwards until it disappeared behind the curve of Jack's middle round to his back. The edge were ragged, as if it had been made by a slash rather than a cut or a slice. "What happened?" he asked.

"I fell," shrugged Jack. "I wish it was a more interesting story ... but ... no. I fell on a jagged rock."


"Here," Jack indicated taking Ianto's hand and guiding his fingers to another scar on his pectoral, feint and tiny, just below the nipple. Ianto applied a little pressure to it as he ran the pad of his finger over it, feeling the contrast to the smooth skin around it.

"What's this one?"

"Crazy bitch with sharp nails got a little ... grippy in the middle of things."


"I know - sex with girls. Disgusting, isn't it?"

Ianto laughed. "Not really. But ... she left a scar?"

"Grippy Gabby I nicknamed her. Her name wasn't Gabby though. Not sure what it was. Something I couldn't think of an alliteration to, anyway." He lifted Ianto's fingers from the scar. Without breaking eye contact, he began to pull down the lower-half of his boiler suit.

There was a banging on the door.

Jack bit back a growl, let go of Ianto's hand and opened the door slightly to see who it was. "Owen!" he pronounced cheerfully, letting him all the way in.

"Why weren't you two at lunch?" he asked. "There are rumours flying Jack. It's not so bad within Torchwood, but if a Saxon gets wind of it you're both up shit creek without a paddle. Jesus, Ianto - was that John?" He stared at Ianto's torso for a moment.

"I'm all right, aren't I?" Ianto asked worriedly.

"Yeah, just regular bruising. Just didn't expect you to be quite so done up."

"I told you I was crap in fights."

"Here - I brought you some good stuff." Owen produced a glass milk bottle filled with a strange, amber-but-pink liquid.

Jack grinned. "Excellent!" and secreted it away behind the column of the sink.

"Mm. Anyway: someone's reported him to Guppy. Though I'd drop it off before-"


"Nice knowing ya, kid," Owen muttered, and stood aside and darted off as Alice Guppy pushed past him.

"Officer Guppy," Jack greeted disdainfully.

"Don't think I don't know this is all your fault, Harkness!" she snapped shortly, and carried on without allowing him to interrupt her. "Putting him up to fight - what sort of mentality is this? You're doing twenty-four hours isolation, the pair of you!"

Jack's eyes widened. "What? But-"

"If it was up to me it would have been more! But no - apparently we have 'standards'," she grumbled. "Out, Harper," she ordered, and stopped in ther doorway herself. "I warning you now, Harkness; Jones. This wing is about to undergo serious reform, so unless you want to find yourself split up you'd better start behaving like model prisoners. Understand?"

Ianto stepped forward. "Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry we bothered you, Ma'am."

She looked between the two of them, something softening. "Be careful," she advised, her tone still clipped. She lowered her voice. "You know Emily hates you, Jack. She's on for any excuse. Just ... imagine what it would be like to be so close, to see him every day, and not even be allowed to touch him, or smile at him, or look too long?"

Jack and Ianto stared at her.

"Every day at work, I go through that," she told them, "I couldn't imagine living that way." Then she stepped back and slammed the door shut, yelling, "Twenty-four hours, and you better had be bloody sorry, Jack Harkness!"

"I don't understand," Ianto said distantly, as he and Jack stared at the door. "Was she just ... nice to us?"

"I think ... I think she just did us a favour ...."

"What ... what do we do now?" asked Ianto, very aware they were both half naked and finding himself unable to think of much more than the feel of rough scar tissue contrasting to smooth, warm skin beneath his fingers.

Jack grinned, and Ianto smiled back. Jack took a step closer, and Ianto pulled him into his personal space, a hand on his hip bringing them within millimetres. So close together their smiles faded as their hearts pounded in their chests and breathing deepened. Jack tipped his head forward slightly, closing his eyes, and Ianto felt his own flutter closed as the tip of Jack's nose touched his.

They touched their noses together again, laughig a little into their eskimo kiss as Jack rubbed his nose side to side.

"Jack!" Ianto chuckled, and opened his eyes to look at him. Jack smiled, reached up and cupped the side of his face, thumb running over his sideburn.

"You ready?"

Ianto took a deep breath. "Yes."

Jack's eyes drifted closed, and he touched their foreheads together. They stayed still a moment, breathing the same air. "Help me with the mattresses," Jack said, and left him to start pulling the mattress from the top bunk.

Ianto helped pull both of them off, and they managed to fit them side by side on the cell floor. They arranged their pillows and blankets, and from the battery compartment of his stereo Jack produced a bottle of lubricant and a condom with a cheeky grin. "You're not the only one who gets care packages, you know. You gonna be okay?" Jack asked, concerened and indicating Ianto's bruising as they stood at opposite sides of the makeshift bed.

"I'm sure I'll forget about it," Ianto replied, his mouth dry.

Jack smiled. "Okay ... okay."

They both took simultaneous deep breaths, and laughed nervously when they noticed.

"So ..." said Jack.

"So ..." said Ianto.

They waited a moment, tense, waiting to see what the other would do. Eventually, Ianto moved first. Kicking off his trainers and pulling off his socks, he slid his thumbs into his waistband, let the last popper ping apart and raised his eyes to Jack.

Jack swallowed, and took his shoes and socks off while Ianto began pushing his clothes down his legs and stepping out of them. Jack had somehow managed to do the same in lightning speed, and the only thing either of them were wearing now was their underwear, and they stood separated by the expanse of mattress between them.

Again Ianto made the first move. He sank to his knees and crawled across the bed, Jack watching him with dark eyes. He stopped before him and kneeled up, and Jack carded fingers through his hair, trailing them down until he could curl a finger under Ianto's chin and raise his head slightly. Ianto maintained the eye contact, raised his hands and tugged down the cotton waistband, pulled the underwear down Jack's thighs and waited for him to step out of it.

He lowered his eyes to directly in front of him and swallowed.

Tentative, he leaned forward and brushed his lips to the base of Jack's cock. Jack tipped his head back to breathe, then dropped it forward again to watch as Ianto poked out his tongue slightly a trailed it up to the tip of his erection.

"Wait a moment," Jack managed to say, though it came out as more of a grunt. He lay down, half on his side, propped up on one hand and knee bent.

"Jack," Ianto breathed. "Jack ... I've never done this before."

"I know. Just ... do whatever you want."

Ianto stared down at the mattress in front of him. His voice was so quiet Jack barely heard him. "I didn't like it."


"I ... it tasted ... I dunno."

"Oh. It's ... you get used to it, y'know?"

Ianto thought about it a moment. "Let me try again."

Well ... Jack wasn't gonna argue.

Ianto moved to lie on this front and gently wrapped his fingers around Jack's cock. He wet his lips with his tongue and guided it into his mouth, sliding it in as far as he could take and moving his tongue a little for extra friction as he sealed his lips around it and slowly started to pull back. He tried it a few more times, Jack tipping his head back trying to remember how to breathe.


Jack came back down to earth. "You don't like it?"

Ianto shook his head.

"Doesn't matter. Come here."

Jack sat up and pulled Ianto toward him, their foreheads touching and their legs tangled together. He traced Ianto's bottom lip with his thumb and leaned forward slowly, feeling Ianto tense in anticipation.

Their lips touched, and Ianto melted. Their tongues touched and there was nothing but Jack.

Ianto felt himself tugged down gently and went with it, finding himself on his back, his head resting in the crook of Jack's arm and their legs tangling together. He brought his hand up and ran his fingers through the hair at the base of Jack's neck, scratching slightly and making him shiver. He had no qualms about Jack's hands wandering lower and lower, eventually palming his erection through his underwear and pressing down until he moaned into Jack's mouth.

Carefully, Jack began to tug down Ianto's shorts, running his hands over as much skin as he could. He broke the kiss as he Ianto managed to get his feet out and smiled down at him, tossing them aside. Ianto smiled back, looking perhaps a little dazed, and then pursed his lips slightly for a moment, begging to be kissed again. Jack leaned down and kissed him some more, smiling into his mouth when he felt him squirming and wriggling, trying to rub himself against Jack's leg.

Jack shifted, lying between Ianto's legs and rolling his hips as he started kissing him again, feeling nails dig into the backs of his shoulders and Ianto pushing his own hips up to meet him. Pleasure sparked through Ianto's body and he gasped, pushing up harder.

Breaking for air, Jack began to kiss his way down Ianto's jaw and neck, stopping at his shoulder. "So ... how do you wanna do this?" he asked.

"Erm ... ?"

"Well ... it's be easiest for you if you were on your front - but then I won't be able to see your face when you're coming."

"Is that important to you? To see my face when I'm coming?"

Jack averted his eyes and nodded a little shyly.

"I'll stay on my back then," Ianto smiled, and Jack returned it warmly.

"Okay ... okay you just relax."

Jack reached for the lubricant and squeezed a little onto his hand. He supported Ianto's head on his other arm and leaned down to kiss him, sliding his middle finger down between this thighs and touching the small entrance hidden there. Ianto's breath hitched and his kiss became desperate as he felt Jack's finger begin to push inside him and press into that sensitive bundle of nerves.

He winced in pain when a second finger pressed inside, too. Jack asked him if he was all right, and he answered by reaching down between his legs to grasp Jack's wrist and push his fingers further inside. Jack nipped his earlobe playfully and pressed his fingers harder, pulling them out nearly all the way and slowly pushing them back in again. He dragged his teeth over Ianto's collar bone when his head had tipped back, feeling him tensing and relaxing around the fingers inside him.

Ianto groaned when Jack decided he was ready and pulled his fingers out.

"Wanna put this on me?" he asked, pushing the foil packet into Ianto's hand. Ianto ripped open the seal and pulled out the condom as Jack kneeled up before him. Carefully, Ianto rolled the condom down Jack's cock and gave it a squeeze. Jack hissed then laughed, shoving him away playfully. Ianto lay down on his back, and Jack moved the pillows so that they were under and around his head, making sure he was comfortable.

Jack's cock felt a lot bigger when it was bluntly pressing inside him than when he had held it only a moment ago. Ianto gripped Jack's shoulders hard, screwing his face up and working to relax his lower muscles while gasping, trying to decide whether it was pleasurable or painful. Jack distracted him with a kiss, flinching when Ianto instinctively bit down when Jack hit his prostate and caught his lip with his teeth.

Jack let out a sharp breath when he felt his hips finally touching Ianto's skin. He was careful about putting his weight on Ianto's torso, but Ianto kept trying to pull him down. In the end he gave in and let their bodies touch from shoulder to thigh, and Ianto wrapped his arms and legs around Jack and clenched and squeezed down as hard as he could. Jack grunted and buried his head in Ianto's neck, licking sweat from the skin and hiding the ecstasy of his expression in Ianto's hair.

Lifting his head, they kissed, and Jack began to slowly withdraw himself from Ianto's body. He pulled practically all the way out before just as gently pushing back in. He kept going, building up his rhythm and keeping his eyes on Ianto's, searching for any sign of discomfort. Reaching down between them, Jack found Ianto still hard and crying out for attention.

Ianto batted his hand away and pulled him down to lie flush on top of him again, trapping his cock between them and taking any friction from the movement of Jack's stomach. His legs were still wrapped around Jack's middle and aching a little from holding them up. He reached for his feet and clung onto his heels to hold his legs up as Jack's pace began to pick up, their tongues in each other's mouths again.

Ianto arched and gasped as Jack moved faster, his movement becoming less calculated and more frantic. He was getting harder and faster and rougher and it was starting to hurt.

"Jack ... Jack ... no ... too much ...."

Gasping for breath, Jack slowed to a rock. He carefully watched Ianto. "Shall we ... shall we stop?" he panted.

Ianto shook his head. "Just let me get used to it before you forget there's a person attached to that hole you're fucking."

"I ... I didn't ... didn't forget. I just ... ah ... sorry ...."

Ianto squeezed down on him hard and watched Jack's eyes scrunch closed. "Get moving."

Jack made an amused sound. "Topping from the bottom?"

Ianto squeezed again to make his point.

"Ianto!" Jack groaned, and kissed him as he began moving again, fluid and at a moderate pace.

Ianto whispered in his ear, "That's perfect, Jack ... that's good."

Their brains couldn't find words after that, opting instead to simply take back seats to the body and the sensations coursing through. Ianto came, making their bodies slick as they slid together, and Jack watched his face as he had said he would. A moment later he followed, and Ianto felt the extra heat inside him and the expansion of the condom.

A minute or so later, Jack flushed away the condom, hid away the lubricant and crawled under the covers to lie with Ianto.

"You're different in bed," Jack told him.

Ianto cracked an eye open. "Am I?"

"I bet you'd make an adorable top. Very bossy."

A yawn stifled Ianto's laugh. "You've exhausted me, but it seems all you and I do together is nap."

"Sleeping with someone is a very intimate thing. You're completely defenceless, putting total trust in that other person not to hurt you while you're unconscious. In this place, what does that say about us?"

"We're too lazy to do anything else?"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Never mind."

Ianto closed his eyes again, and Jack pulled himself closer.

"So ... aside from me going a bit too rough ... how ... y'know ... did you like it?"

"Of course I liked it!" Ianto said as if it was obvious, opening one eye to give him an 'are you blind?' look.

Jack grinned. "Good." He turned onto his back, and Ianto rolled onto his side so that he could cuddle up and get comfortable. "You sleep," Jack instructed. "I'll wake you before they bring us food so that we can put the beds back."

"Mmm. Okay," nodded Ianto.

Jack squeezed him tight, and listened as Ianto's breathing evened out. Sure he was unconscious, Jack wriggled a little until he had Ianto on his back and he could lie on his side, head propped up on a hand.

For the second time that day, he took the opportunity to think about things, while watching a smiling Ianto Jones sleep.

It's my birthday, and I'll have smut if I want to!

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Birthday Smut

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From: [identity profile] aviv-b.livejournal.com
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Love your loyal minion!!

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And many, many more.

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From: [identity profile] kimutek.livejournal.com
Good smut is good, and even better as birthday present to yourself. ;)

Wonderful chapter, this story gets more and more exciting. I liked John/Ianto fight, but I feel little bit sorry for Jack and John parted because of that. It's sad that people who once apparently loved each other so much could ended that way.

Smut scene was hot as always in your fics. ;> Ianto comment of forgetting there's a person attached to that hole Jack's fucking. and that lines:
- "Sleeping with someone is a very intimate thing. You're completely defenceless, putting total trust in that other person not to hurt you while you're unconscious. In this place, what does that say about us?"
- "We're too lazy to do anything else?"
- Jack rolled his eyes. "Never mind."

makes me laugh at loud. XD

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