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My friend, [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell, has set up a wonderful new community for Benedict Cumberbatch fans that I'm gonna be helping her out with. If anyone's interested, here's the basics:

A brand new Benedict Cumberbatch photo and video sharing community – get a once-a-day, every day Benedict fix at [livejournal.com profile] dailybenedict :D

Come and join us!
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[livejournal.com profile] dr_is_in, [livejournal.com profile] iceshade and [livejournal.com profile] the_ped are all kindly offering up Dreamwidth invite codes. If you want to create an account over there, drop them a message!

EDIT: Dreamwidth have an invite code sharing community, should the above users run out: DW_Codesharing
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Okay, I'm majorly pissed at LJ for the whole Facebook Connect thing - even with my added CSS - as well as the added features to the 'Share This!' link that they hadn't announced. In a massive diva strop, I'm considering importing my journal to Dreamwidth and doing everything there, then posting links to those entries here. Not sure yet, though ...

Anyway, if you're reading this, it's probably come up on your email or RSS feed, so you're probably the people I need to warn most. I've got my posting date for my Torchwood Big Bang fic, and as mine is a two-parter I'll be posting the entire thing on two particular days: the first half on the 27th September, and the second on the 12th of October.

If you've found this on your Friends' Page, this probably won't be a problem, but even if I backdate the entries I know the RSS feed still puts up a notification, and I'm only guessing it works the same notification system for the 'Track' options and will send an email. Anyways, I'm just forewarning you!

So yes, despite my appalling update record recently, I have been a busy bumble bee. As well as chapters of 'To Another', 'Silver Service', 'SilverFish' and my Dibley fic, I've been beavering away at Tw Big Bang (now on over 60k ... oops), my ongoing project for my darker journal,[livejournal.com profile] damaged_silver, another project I started (bad, BAD SILVER!) that is nearly complete for this journal ... as well as Round 3 of Reel Torchwood, which is at about 15k for the moment. I'm also working on something rather exciting with [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell.

So while it has been criminally quiet around here, come the end of September, I'm going to drown you.

Also, with the claiming post going up today, I can reveal that my Reel Torchwood film is ...

*drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll* *drum roll*

Behind here ... )

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] dr_is_in has FOUR invite codes available for Dreamwidth. If you want to set up an account there, you need an invite code and they have kindly offered theirs. I've put in a request for some invite codes too, but they are TBC.

Let [livejournal.com profile] dr_is_in know if you want a code ♥
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Okay ... so I dunno ... but quite a few people seem to be wondering 'Why does Jack come back to Earth?'. Is it to make right all that he did wrong? Is it to finally face his past? Is it because he remembers he has a fucking duty down here?


Oh no.

According to Starz Press Room, it runs so much more deeper than that. Yes - he returns to Earth for a reason so much more profound than anything we ever truly considered - nay, even pondered on.

Captain Jack Harkness returns to planet Earth, facing the depression and ghosts that haunt his every waking step and the 'graveyard' of his own making ... because of his 'unstated love for Gwen Cooper'.

Don't believe me?

Here you go:

It's in the character assassination bio for Jack, right under 'He's a slut, he's a slut, he's a slut', and just above 'Gwen is the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!'.

Don't bother looking for a reference to Tosh, Owen or Ianto. 'His friends are dead' are all you're getting as far as continuation is concerned.

On the bright side, Gwen named her baby 'Anwen'. Awwww!

And Rex Matheson sounds like a total arse - and he's not even the paedophile.
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Woo! Children of Time Awards have released part of their nominations list!

I've been nominated! EEEEEEEE!

SilverFish has been nominated in New Fiction, Romance and Slash

Obligatory First Time Janto Fic has been nominated in Jack/Ianto and Romance

In the Morning has been nominated in Fluff.

List of Children of Time Award nominees here

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE thanks guys - especially since I've been really bad with posting thanks to writers block and Big Bang at the moment. I'm working to catch up, and this has just spurred me on quite happily!

Much love to everyone in the world ever,



Jul. 24th, 2010 01:50 pm
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Well ... a 'promotional image' of TW has surfaced, over on SFX (I haven't read the interview because it's with RTD, and I'll probably just get angry).

So ... erm ... yeah?


Composition with only two subjects has to be of the same 'status', otherwise the picture leans. See how the skyscrapers they tried to balance it out with LEAN because the right side of the image is taken up by SMALL Jack since there isn't enough room for him next to DOMINANT Gwen. Maybe the skyscraper will fall on him and bury him for a billion years so that he can't interfere with Gwenwood.

Why did I promise myself I'd watch the first few episodes of this? I hope to GOD some kind of MIRACLE happens and something DECENT is produced, because I won't be able to get those hours of my life back.

EDIT: At least I got my new series of 'Animals at Work', and I have to say there's far more interesting drama in chicken-guarding alpacas than in RTD's left horn!
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Yes! I made it to London Film and Comic Con 2010!

I went with [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell, and we met Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow (the ghost from Being Human), Aidan Turner (the vampire from Being Human), Ben Browder (John Crichton in Farscape), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom, and also Tommy Brockless' little brother!).

We also met a not very well known early TV sci-fi actor called William Shatner. I don't know if you've heard of him.

Anyway, con reports can be tedious and boring for those who weren't there, so I shall keep it short, to the point and use all the pictures I have.

London Film and Comic Con 2010: )

All the photos except the autographs, Shatner, Alien and Dalek are [livejournal.com profile] holyfrell's. I took them with dubious permission. HA.
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Why can't I just sit down and write any more? I used to be able to knock out 25k words a night ... now it's taking like ... a week to do 7,000. What the hell's going on with me????? grrrr.
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Dear 10:10 Systems,

Is a reliable internet connexion really too much to ask? All I want is 24/7 access to Livejournal and funny videos on Youtube. It is, after all, what I pay you for.

Is a new router really too much to ask? This is the sixth time in a month and a half that I must waste my credit to ring you, so could you at some point please make good on your contractual obligation wiyh the rental company that owns my house and ensure the broadband is working and reliable (which it currently isn't) and save everyone the grief of the 'have you tried switching it off and on again? ... Have you yroed switching it off for five minutes, then switching it on again?' routine, more often than not followed by two daws of diagnostics and the arrangement for an engineer to visit, right before the damn thing randomly decides to work again and the engineer is deemed 'unnecessary' - 'cause a router that keeps breaking and flashing orange DSL lights when it feels like it is totally 'working and reliable'.

Just be thankful I now have a qwerty on my phone, 'cause this is one pissed fangirl.


Damn you, 10:10, for only working office hours. If only I knew where ypu physical office was ...

Lots of love and most likely soon-to-be-dashed hope,


Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com

EDIT: Okay ... so maybe switching the router off for five minutes worked. At least I didn't ring them this time ...

But it's still gonna need replacing! I stand by that! >:|
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According to Hollywood Reporter, The Terribly Bad Idea aka "Torchwood USA" has been rejected by FOX. Apparently there are talks with 'other interested networks', but already I see one rejection after another.

Just leave it in BBC Wales, ffs.

No where else wants it because it won't work anywhere else!
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Silver haz to have surgery :(

I have a lump that my doctors want removing ... I wouldn't mind, since it's been giving ... let's say ... 'bother', but it's on my face. And since it has to be surgically removed, I'm going to have a scar on my face. SILVER IS NOT HAPPEH.

Still ... at least my headaches might stop!

Now, all I need is a cure for asthma ....
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Double Squee on the GDL front this week!

Larger version and another pic under the cut! )

Glasses AND shower? He's spoiling us!

Remember folks: only Gwackos photoshop watermarks.

It's also illegal, but what kind of incentive is that?
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My friend sent me this:

My life is now complete. This is all I ever wanted, and now it's happened I don't know where my life is going any more.

Ah well ... back to fanfiction! I'm currently working on my kink for [livejournal.com profile] damaged_silver, as well as chapters of Another Life and Silver Service on rotation, so they'll probably be up around similar times.

I'm also pondering starting chapter 2 of the prison fic thingy. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....

If the picture's yours, let me know so I can credit!


Mar. 14th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I finally got my lj userinfo icon to work! Yayyyyy!!!

[livejournal.com profile] a_silver_story

Working on something for [livejournal.com profile] damaged_silver at the moment - call it my 'Obligatory Post-Cyberwoman' Fic. Ha.

Should I give you a teaser? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...... no!

Okay ... I'll tell you one thing: it's very ... kinky.
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Heya folks!

I promised an update to Another Life last night, and it sort of never happened. This chapter has turned into something pretty epic, so I thought I'd share this with you now to give you something of mine to read ^_^.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was setting up a joint journal for darker or incomplete fics. The layout is ... definitely not finalised, but here it is, with a fic ready for you to read: [livejournal.com profile] damaged_silver. The first fic is unlocked, but it is going to be a Friends Only journal. Comments worshipping my Friends Only banner are more than welcome, though stealage without credit is not.

A note on the fic posted there: As some of you may now, I took part in NaNo last year. As you may also remember, I had to get a new laptop a few weeks ago, and as a result I've lost over half of it. Anyway, to pander to you all for my lack of updates, here is a nice, long, fluffy(ish)(okay, there's barely any fluff) first-half

Title: Untitled NaNo
Chapter: This is only half of it!
Author: [livejournal.com profile] a_silver_story
Genre Angst, Romance, bits of smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: ManOnMan. Nom.
Disclaimer: If I owned anything in this, I'd be a rich rich rich bitch. However, I am not a rich rich rich bitch so you may all, therefore, assume I own nothing. Which I don't. It all belongs RTD and the BBC, in case any of you didn't know.
Summary: Set after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but before Sleeper, I wrote this for NaNoWriMo 2009 but lost half of it when I was forced to get a new laptop. I have what was saved in my google.docs, which is less than half, but better than nothing! It's AU, and it's a 'let's make Jack suffer!' fic, really. It's Ianto P.O.V, and I promise everything will work out fine when I get around to re-writing the second half.

This way, please ....
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Gah! The muse has left me again! I've been trying to motivate myself to write for the past couple of days, but everything has just been, basically, a rambling trip to nowhere. I'm working on several things at once, which I don't think much helps.

Anyways, here's what's coming up (probably all at once):

  • A request for [livejournal.com profile] melten - more babysitting fluff, with snow and chocolate. Yay!

  • My NaNoWriMo Janto fic - starts just after KKBB, and explores how things could have gone another way (Dun dun duuuunnnnn). I may be abandoning this one and taking up another idea and try and get that one done in time. Ha.

  • Silver Service, of course!

  • A request for [livejournal.com profile] unrequited1984 in the IM verse. I'm saying no more ....

  • A re-write of Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. It will be called 'MegaloJohn', and involve Janto trying to get away from Captain John's enormous co - ... shark. This one may take a while. It needs a plot, since the one in the original film is a little ... non-existent.

  • The plot bunny for a couple of other AU's has decided to burrow into my mind. Once I decide which I like best, I'll set to work. Possibly a one-shot, but given the fact every series I have started as a one-shot it'll more likely turn into a series. Hey! I can't help it if I'm a sucker for detail!

  • Dabbling in Dibley! And this time, Ianto gets to meet Harry.

  • Silver'verse needs updating ... can't even remember where I left that one ... OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! Threesome!

As you can see, I'm going to be a very busy bunny - all this, as well as my uni work! How will I manage - especially with my newfound ability to sleep, which is incredibly joyous. I've also just had my Swine Flu injection, so my left arm is very hurty at the moment. Well, both my arms are hurty at the moment. I had Swine Flu in one arm and seasonal in the other.

I'm a Risk Group ^_^

Anyhoo, I shall leave you all with this photograph of me, sneaking my Ianto cosplay into a Bugsey Malone night (if anyone asked, I was the Gay Mafia ...), you can't really see my waistcoat though. Pfft.

I coulda been anythin' that I wanted to be ...

... and for the crack ...
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Paul O'Grady's dog, Buster, dies ....


Now, I have a marathon to watch. *reminisces of Buster and Paul trying to do circus tricks for RND*


Nov. 4th, 2009 06:21 pm
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So after yesterday's fiasco, I've finally got my internet sorted and brought back to life. It more sputtered than John Barrowman© full on gasping, but we got it back.

What annoys me though is that I told the guy FIVE TIMES on the phone what the problem was, and that I could nip to the shop and get a new ADSL cable and simply give them the receipt to reimburse the cost of the new cable. They told me not to do that until they were absolutely certain that the cable was the problem, and that they'd be sending a handy man round to look at the hardware.

So he comes around, he looks at the router, he tests a couple of things ....... "Your ADSL cable is having trouble transferring the information."

... yah. No shit Sherlock.

I wouldn't be too bothered by their caution, had Roy not had the exact same problem two weeks ago and they let him sort it out the way I suggested - hell, I was the one that pointed out the problem, what the problem was and how they had to fix it!

One thing that pisses me off about IT guys - and I've got this a lot - is the assumption that because I'm a girl, I don't know anything about computers.

Hello? I have a t-shirt with the slogan 'No, I will not fix your computer' for a reason!!

In other news, I had the most surreal experience of my life today. I was in town looking at ADSL cable prices, wearing a white t-shirt that I'd used a permanent marker to write "I am one of 9 hysterical women on the internet" on the back of. I was just happily minding my own business, when this lovely young lady comes over and asks if I'm part of the Save Ianto Jones campaign, to which I reply, "Yes, to an extent."

She tells me she is too, though she's not really an online-y sort of person and mainly sticks to Twitter rather than LiveJournal, and do I have a Twitter account? I say yes and I tell her my username is "a_silver_story".

... now I know what a full fangirl squee looks like in person, and so do several innocent people in PC World, Chester.

Apparently she reads my fic *waves* and loves it to the point of refreshing her page every hour or so to look for updates even when she's in lectures. I rather ungracefully turned beetroot red by this point, mumbling a couple of thankyous and stuff with no idea what I'm supposed to say.

She did ask me a couple of questions though, that I shall reproduce and answer for you all here:

How are you?

Fine, thanks.

How did you come up with that immortal!Ianto theory with the Timey Wimey and the axis?

I was lying in bed, contemplating that if Jack was fixed point in a Timey Wimey ball (as presented to us in 'Blink'), he'd have to be in the middle of said ball in order for Time to flow smoothly and work in order with no problems. So I thought to myself: what if he wasn't? What if he moved?

And the basic science of the axis behind it present in my mind for ... er ... reasons I can't go into here gave me the blatant answer.

Someone would have got this theory eventually, I just ... got there first.

How can you manage to write such long updates and post them so often?

Insomnia. I'm an insomniac. I go for about three days without sleeping at a time, and need something I can do without waking the SO. So I write stories.

My updates usually average around 7,000 words for Silver Service, and usually about the same for prose entries of IM. My recent 'Hallowe'en Treat' was 16,455 words, and was started on October 31st, finished on November 3rd. If was taking part in NaNoWriMo, I'd be wayyyyy ahead. 50,000 words a month? Easssssy. I've been doing that since about July.

I've also finally started working on my book, which I hope to finish within about six months with as little damage the flow of fic as possible .

I post often because I have the internet. If I don't have the internets, people get hurt.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for a cheap ADSL cable. Mine's broken, but the guys who're supposed to look after our broadband don't believe me because I'm a woman-kind.

Have you seen Shark Attack 3?

Yes. One day I might come to terms with that.

... or stop randomly laughing to myself.

Will the IM series ever end?


How will it end?


Ianto dies, Jack flies away on Myfanwy's back and gets shot down over the Bristol Channel, Gwen takes over as head of Torchwood and Rhys and Andy never discover that they are, in fact, meant for each other (in a very homosexual way).

Oh .... you ... you are lying, aren't you?


How will Silver Service end?


Ianto and Lisa die, Jack flies away on an RAF plane that gets shot down over the Bristol Channel, it turns out that Barbara is called Janet after all, Toshiko and Owen lose their baby to gremlins and Gwen and Rhys take over as the main focus of the story.

Are you going to tell me any true plot lines?

Nope. Stop asking.

I've actually told the plot line for Silver Service to one person, and one person only and shall share it with no more. Unless you bribe me summit good.

I'm desperate for cash. Totally dried up thanks to those stoopid £350 bank charges after I got overdrawn on my CoE pre-order ... that I couldn't cancel because the BBC moved the release date from the 27th to the 13th and had already taken my money by the time I decided I didn't want the bastard DVD any more (coincidentally, on Day Four I reached this decision ....)

Anyhoo, thank you Jenny for the little PC World chat, it means a lot to me that my writing has made you laugh, cry and squee in public quite so profoundly.

Love to you all; whether thee be minions, readers or floaters just drifting by.


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Okay, I'm trying to post the Epilogue for your Hallowe'en treat, but my internet has gone DOWN! (and I mean down!)

Yes, at 5:45, fifteen minutes after the people who can fix my internet left work, the Internet died. This greatly upset myself, and my housemate.

After an hour of no Internets, we were so bored, we ended up making Jenga tower out of DVDs. I won.

So, in despair, I have come to the University Library in the hope of possibly posting the Epilogue. I put it in a nice neat Word.docx, all typed up, self-beta'd and ready to be copied and pasted onto LiveJournal. I sit down at the computer, I swtich it on, I log in .... the systems are too old to read the Office 07 .docx format. Joy. The 2003 one they have also hates me so much, it refuses to convert it for me into something it can read.

I think "Well, it's not the end of the world ... I'll just go home and save the file in different formt. No biggie, and everyone can do with a walk every now and then". So I walk all the way home, convert the file to rich text, and walk all the way back. What's the issue now? Oh, the computer bank I've been using before has been closed for cleaning, so I need to go to the other one in the Reading Room. Fine, okay.

I discover that these read 2007 .docx files and go silently mental.

... still an issue? Clearly.

The bastard thing won't read my USB! I've tried about three different stations, and nothing will accept my little pink USB pen exists.

I promise I will get this Epilogue up tonight, even though everything is against me. I think God might be Gwack (I typed that and thought: 'duh? What has that shouty man with the signs and sandwich board on Chester highstreet been telling you all this time?') because he's the only one who would possibly try and stop me from doing anything.

Whether my sanity will survive until morning remains questionable.

You better all love me.

And I mean love me lots.

Even if you don't like the ending ... which I think you might not ...

It's bit ... RTD ....


Here's the DVD Jenga Tower of DOOOOOOOOM

sorry ... didn't realise how big the photies were! )

Points if you can guess the DVDs you can't see.

I think the clear message here is: DO. NOT. TAKE. THE. INTERNETS. AWAY. FROM. GEEKS.
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Russell T. Davies plans to leave for America. Click to read Sunday Express article.

The future of Torchwood is up for debate, as Russell T. Davies announces he's moving to America.

Thanks, Russ. You've really made my day *sarcasm*


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