Aug. 18th, 2010

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Okay ... so I dunno ... but quite a few people seem to be wondering 'Why does Jack come back to Earth?'. Is it to make right all that he did wrong? Is it to finally face his past? Is it because he remembers he has a fucking duty down here?


Oh no.

According to Starz Press Room, it runs so much more deeper than that. Yes - he returns to Earth for a reason so much more profound than anything we ever truly considered - nay, even pondered on.

Captain Jack Harkness returns to planet Earth, facing the depression and ghosts that haunt his every waking step and the 'graveyard' of his own making ... because of his 'unstated love for Gwen Cooper'.

Don't believe me?

Here you go:

It's in the character assassination bio for Jack, right under 'He's a slut, he's a slut, he's a slut', and just above 'Gwen is the ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!'.

Don't bother looking for a reference to Tosh, Owen or Ianto. 'His friends are dead' are all you're getting as far as continuation is concerned.

On the bright side, Gwen named her baby 'Anwen'. Awwww!

And Rex Matheson sounds like a total arse - and he's not even the paedophile.


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