Jul. 15th, 2010

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So, you're trying to get over a bit of writers' block ... and then This Happens (only click if you have a strong stomach or think the idea of Torchwood hiring a Lovable Paedophile is a great move).

I suppose this should bring out my fighting spirit, and rekindle the fire so to speak, but it just depresses me to think that RTD would ruin his own show like this - and a show I loved. It's like he's trying to mess it all up.

[livejournal.com profile] kholran and I think that it's probably RTD getting bored of killing off likable characters, so in order to make Gwen the Ultimate Icon rather than the Flawed Character (FFS! AS A FLAWED CHARACTER, SHE'D WORK PERFECTLY! STOP TRYING TO SHOVE HER DOWN OUR THROATS AS AWESOME! *ahem*) he's just creating repulsive ones instead. Oh, and recycling Toshiko from Classic Torchwood with a new ethnic minority, and Mulder from a show that isn't even his.

Obviously, I praying it's a hoax, but TV Guide picked up the story so now I'm not so sure. It's so ridiculous, it might just be true.

So while Torchwood is, as I said, dead to me, that doesn't mean I want to stop writing just yet. Yes, I've got writers' block just as [livejournal.com profile] tw_bigbang posts their reminder that drafts are due in a month and I haven't updated for a fortnight and my entire fic file is at a standstill, but I'm not giving up on Jack and Ianto just yet. Things will get going again, no matter what RTD tries to do with this bastardized version of Torchwood.

I might send an email to the BBC asking if they would consider giving Torchwood to Super Moff.

N/B.: Wasn't 'Matherson' the name of GDL's character in Girl Number Nine? And making 'Jones' the paedophile? What's with that?


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